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Face, Masks, Cotton, Twill, Double, Non-Woven, Surgical, Spunbond, Lined.

Plain, colours, Traditional, African, Tribal, ShweShwe, Fabric


CMT Cosmo, Face-Masks,

DTIC - Recommended Guidelines DTIC, Face, Masks, Recommended, Guidelines

Face Mask Test:

Try blowing out a candle while wearing the mask. If you can't blow it out, it's a good mask.

All offered, Face Masks are, "good", masks.

Cotton, Face Masks, Double, Layer, Washable, with, or, without, Filter, Pocket.

Available, in, Natural, plus, 24 colours.

Cotton, Face, Masks, Double, Layer, Washable

Face Masks, Washable, Heavy, Duty, Cotton Twill.

Non-woven, Surgical, Spunbond, Lined.
Available, in, all, primary, colours, Traditional, African, Tribal, and, ShweShwe, Fabric.

Adult, and, Childrens, sizes

Face, Masks, Surgical, Non-Woven, Spunbond, Lined

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