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Oliver, our Head Tailor is here to assist you in purchasing the right fabric for the

Uniform Suit Jacket Tracksuit and or Workwear you want.

His vast knowledge regarding Textiles is invaluable to you when it comes to choosing fabric.

Or bring your own and discuss your vision with CMT Cosmo City's Design Team.


Oliver's years of experience as a tailor as good as guarantees the realization of your vision.


Apart from being a designer, pattern maker and tailor,
he has an "army" of

experienced tailors to assist him.

Hence no job is too small nor to big.


Whether you need a new garment or one to be updated,
altered or re-designed,

Oliver is the man to call.


Whether you need a unique Suit for a special occasion,
such as a wedding,

or simply a well made, lasting garment,

it gives Oliver and his team, great pleasure to be able to help people look smart

no matter what their budget is !

contact us ♦ 079 768 8694 ♦ 072 301 1013


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